Monday, February 2, 2015

Meet Closure IDE 2 Beta!

Closure IDE 2 Beta Release

Meet Closure IDE 2 Beta!

Today it's time to announce the beta release of Closure IDE 2.
For those who have not had the opportunity of using the first version of Closure IDE, here is its very brief description:
Closure IDE is an Eclipse-based development environment for large-scale JavaScript projects. It is particularly focused to work with Closure Compiler and Closure Library.

A little bit of history

First of all, I would like to remember how everything was started.
Initially, the IDE was our internal project to develop Maple WWW (play with its amazing live demonstrations here). It consisted of a set of simple plugins for Eclipse to work with Google Closure Tools.

When Maple WWW reached 5 projects (now it includes 16 projects for 2D/3D graphics, formulas, document rendering and integration with MapleNet etc.) and some of the key classes contained more than 5000 lines of code, we understood that Closure IDE 1.x is not enough for large-scale JavaScript development. That's how Closure IDE 2 was started.

What is a large-scale JavaScript Project?

Closure IDE 2 is designed to solve challenges of large-scale JavaScript development. It is intended to handle projects that:
 have complex architecture, large codebase, extensive dependency tree and follow OOP concepts
 require more than 5 months of development, further updates and extensions
 managed by more than 5 developers in a team that can grow at any time

What's inside?

Instead of writing the endless list of all new features introduced in Closure IDE 2, I would be glad to invite you to get access to Closure IDE 2 Beta and see it in action.
To answer the question "Can it be useful for my existing/future JS projects?", please explore the following list. If at least one of the following is true for you, then you should seriously consider adding Closure IDE 2 to your JavaScript development stack.
 Your project uses Closure Library or/and Closure Compiler
 Your project is large-scale (see above)
 Your project uses object-oriented design patterns
 You are a curious developer that want to check out new stuff :)
Looking on the milestone of the Closure IDE 2, I understand that we still have a lot of work to do. Therefore, our team is looking forward for your feedback and comments. To quickly report a bug or if you have any questions, you can join us on Google Groups. To contact us by email, please feel free to use this form.

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