Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Closure IDE Update

Closure IDE Update

Closure IDE Update

Line wrapping in the JavaScript editor

The update brings line wrapping in JavaScript editor to handle long lines of code and allows you to avoid horizontal scrolling. The line wrapping is also applied to comments and descriptions in JSDocs.

Performance Boost

Closure IDE uses special binary representation of JavaScript code for indexing using Zippy codec. These binary representations are used for proposals in the content assist, during the searching of declarations or types etc. As a result, we can work with thousands of JS symbols immediately, decrease CPU and memory usage because of a heavy AST cache.

Therefore, we decided to include ready binary representations for Closure Library, default and common JavaScript externs to the Closure IDE to further reduce time for the very first indexing.

The IDE also includes the source code of the latest version of Closure Library.
So, you can start working with the library easily and avoid additional downloads and configurations.
Explore Update Notes for more details.

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