Thursday, February 20, 2014

Closure FX Builder Update 1.2.0

Closure FX Builder Update 1.2.0

The update 1.2.0 is here. You can download the update on Releases page in the DigiArea GitHub repository.

Command Line Interface

The update 1.2.0 brings the command line interface for Closure FX Builder to use it in automated build tasks.

One of the main goals of Closure FX Builder is simplifying configuration processes of Closure Tools for developers. Therefore, the CLI of the builder has only one option - closure - a path to your build configuration file (.closure). All options of Closure Tools are hidden in this build file and can be configured using feature-rich Closure FX Builder GUI.

Use the following command to run Closure FX Builder through command line:
java -jar /path/to/ClosureFXBuilder.jar -closure /path/to/build.closure

Export to Closure Compiler's command line

Now you can export .closure files to command line of Closure Compiler.
The result of the exporting is a file with options for the Closure Compiler. You can copy them and use in the command line as usual or use the file directly with flagfile option of the compiler.
java -jar compiler.jar --flagfile=build.closure.cli
Export Closure Build Configuration to Closure Compiler command line

Moving to Closure Compiler v20140110

The update 1.2.0 is bundled with the newest version of Closure Compiler - v20140110. For more information about the v20140110 update of the compiler, please read this post on Closure Compiler Discuss group.

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