Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Atlas for Maple Update 2.1.0

Atlas 2 for Maple

Atlas for Maple Update 2.1.0

Covariant and Contravariant basis declarations

The update 2.1.0 allows you to use covariant and contravariant basis declarations.
Now if you declare Frame first, the Coframe will be calculated automatically. Or you can declare Coframe first and then have the Frame automatically calculated.

You can use examples for covariant and contravariant basises from the DG Library.
For instance:
Moreover, now you can work with these and other DG Library objects from DG Library Browser which is introduced in this update.

DG Library Browser

Atlas for Maple 2.1.0 brings DG Library Browser to access to the online library of predefined differential geometry objects directly from Maple.
Use categories and search field to search for objects in the DG Library:

Choose objects from the list and click Code Generation button (colorful torus) in the menu and choose a folder to save Maple worksheets:

As a result, you get ready-to-use Maple worksheets which you can open and evaluate in Maple:

Explore all features of Atlas 2 for Maple on DigiArea website.

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