Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Closure IDE Update

Closure IDE

Closure IDE Update

Parameters Tooltips in Content Assist

Parameters Tooltips show a message with parameters and types required by the method. During the coding, select one of the method/function proposals from the content assist and use Tab key to move through the required parameters.
You can always explore types of parameters and other JSDoc information directly from the content assist. Notice that you can type short name of your function/class/variable. The IDE inserts a fully-qualified namespace automatically.
Use JSDoc Hovers to get the documentation in your code:

Smart Auto-Editing

The Auto-editing feature makes coding smoother and brings smart auto-completion of curly braces in blocks and other brackets.
Work with strings becomes even easier with the new automatic closing of quotes and string concatenation.

Code Templates

The update introduces JavaScript code templates to quickly generate commonly used code such as for and while loops.
The code templates are not about language statements only. The templates contain linked parts that allow you to get well annotated piece of code such as an object creation, casting or instanceof condition.

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