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Closure FX Builder Project Goals

Closure FX Builder

Closure FX Builder Project Goals

In this short article I want to discuss some main goals of Closure FX Builder as a new DigiArea product. Closure FX Builder is a stand-alone user interface for Google Closure Tools namely Closure Compiler, Closure Templates and Closure Stylesheets.

1. Good things must be spread.

Google Closure Tools bring powerful toolkit to develop rich web applications. Nevertheless, this power leads to advanced knowledge requirement, long learning curve and high start threshold for beginners.

Thus the first goal: Open "Closure World" to every JavaScript developer and grow Closure community by reducing time and efforts required to start exploring and using Google Closure Tools.

2. Time can not be wasted.

No doubt, a web development process is really hard work. The productivity of advanced web developers can be boost increasingly by concentration on some interesting parts (application architecture and logic) and reduction of other parts which can be automated.

So, the second goal: Increase productivity of web developers by saving time on some automated processes (building configurations, experimenting with different building options, reusing of existing configuration etc.).

3. Best practices have to be used.

In my opinion one of the main thing is that Closure Tools offers the right way to use JavaScript. I mean such essential concepts like types and namespaces.

So the third goal is: Stimulate using Closure Library and the library programming style as a right way to program by JavaScript. Closure FX Builder has console which can by used to be more productive in this case. Moreover, the tool is integrated with the most common JavaScript editors, so you do not need to find issued code problems by hand.

Closure FX Builder is made as a stand-alone application using Java FX technology to bring it to all developers on all platforms.

Please explore FAQ page for further questions.

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