Monday, November 19, 2012

Productivity tips: Maple IDE Navigation shortcuts

Maple IDE

Productivity tips: Maple IDE Navigation shortcuts

Open Maple element (e.g.: a module, an procedure) without clicking through "infinite" list of source folders with Maple symbols and time-wasting manual search: Ctrl + Shift + F3. If you are looking for Maple elements such as modules, procedures, variables etc. which defined in your workspace, this shortcut will do it for you.

Go to a type declaration: F3. Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl down and click the hyperlinked variable or module.

Go directly to an element (module, variable) of a huge Maple file: Ctrl + O. Use Ctrl + O to get live list of matched elements and press Enter when you have finished.

Go to closing brace: Ctrl + Shift + P. If you have a big module or procedure, use this shortcut which brings you right to the end of the element (closing brace).

Find references: Ctrl + Shift + G. This shortcut helps you find all references of the selected Maple element in the workspace.

Go to a line in the Maple file: Ctrl + L. Enter line number and click Ok to go to the selected line.

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